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Hello Potential LISTo Mentor:

Latino/as Invested in the Students of Tomorrow (LISTo) is an organization that works to assist incoming Latino/a students in successfully transitioning from high school to college. We are pleased that you are interested in joining the LISTo family.

Responsibilities of a LISTo Mentor: 

  • Mentors share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom. Mentors guide mentees in reaching their goals.  
  • Mentors provide valuable opportunities by facilitating academic, career, and personal contacts. Mentors also encourage growth and achievement by providing an open and supportive environment.  
  • By sharing stories of achievement with mentees, Mentors can become role models. 
  • Answer e-mails regarding LISTo events
  • Commit time for MANDATORY group meetings, and communicate with your mentee via phone, internet, and face-to-face interactions.
  • Be enthusiastic and patient
  • Have an interest in developing friendships with other participants
  • Have the ability to commit to the program for one full year 
  • Have to attend one mentor training session
  • Create a contract with respective mentee

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