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Room Reservation Procedures for Adinkra Hall and MSP 404FConference Room

Reservation requests must be submitted at least 5 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to the event. If food is being served to 25 + individuals, the reservation must be made at least 10 days in advance. The responsible department or organization hosting event must submit an account number to be charged for cleanup. Additional charges may apply if event falls on a holiday or weekend.

404F Conference Room

In order to reserve the conference room after 5:00pm or on weekends by a student organization, a MSP staff member must be present during the meeting.

The room must be left in an orderly manner with trash removed, spills cleaned up and chairs pushed up to the table.

Adinkra Hall

  • We have chairs and 12 seminar tables available for use that are located in Adinkra’s storage cabinets and they must be set up and taken down by the requestor.
  • All items must be returned to original storage location. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.
  • The University is a smoke free environment so use of tobacco product is strictly prohibited.
  • Key check out to gain entrance to Adinkra on weekends requires contact person to pick it up prior to 4:30 pm on the business day prior to reservation. Failure to obtain key from office can result in additional fees for Building Managers Services.
  • Candles are prohibited
  • Glitter use is prohibited.
  • The facility rental comes with the use of AV equipment, however, a brief tutorial before event must happen before event otherwise you will not have use of it.
  • You must supply your own laptop, cords and MAC adapter. AV system has VGA port.
  • Do not leave any personal items or equipment in the room. MSP will not be responsible for anything left in the room
  • Please do not use any type of adhesives on the walls, display cases, or ceiling.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the event at any time if security and/or manager see behavior that may threaten the facility.
  • Please do not remove any items (books, artifacts, equipment, tables and chairs) from this room.
  • Chairs and tables must be returned to storage cabinets after your event is over, otherwise a reset room fee of $20.00 maybe incurred.
  • Room must be left in a clean and tidy state after use.
  • The person or organization reserving the space agrees to accept financial responsibility for any damages. (Including but not limited to repairing or replacing broken items, repainting walls, buffing and polishing floors)
  • Report any damage to immediately.
  • We reserve the right to cancel future reservations if policies are not adhered to.

Pricing for Adinkra Hall

  • Any event that is serving food for more than 25, there will a clean-up charge of $19.00 per hour per cleaning staff as imposed by Physical Plant.
  • Room rate during normal business hours for non- MSP organization but is a Student Affairs’ UGA Event:
    $0.00/hr. for the 1st Hour
    $10.00 per hr. for remaining hours
  • Room rate during normal business hours for UGA or affiliates ’events:
  • Room rate during normal business hours or after business hours for Non-Profit events:
  • Room rate during normal business or after business hours for Private events:
  • Space can only be reserved for when Memorial Hall is open for business.

About Adinkra

Adinkra is a cotton cloth produced in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire which has traditional Akan symbols stamped upon it. The Adinkra symbols represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, express particular attitudes or behaviors related to depicted figures, or concepts uniquely related to abstract shapes.

Adinkra also means ‘goodbye’ or ‘farewell’ in Twi the language of the Akan ethnic group of which Asante is a part. It has therefore been the tradition of the Akan especially the Asante to wear cloths decorated with Adinkra symbols on important occasions especially at funerals of family relations and friends. This is to signify their sorrow and to bid farewell to the deceased. Today, the Adinkra cloth is not exclusively worn by the Asante people; it is also worn by other ethnic groups in Ghana on a variety of social gatherings and festive occasions.

Adinkra Hall is situated on the 4th floor of Memorial Hall and is available to any campus departments and student organizations for meetings and/or programming. Reservations requests must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the event.

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