Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement:

We envision a University of Georgia that honors the identities, perspectives, and worldviews of our entire community in a way that advances social justice and an institutional way of being that models inclusiveness for all students, faculty, and staff.


Mission Statement:

The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs works to create an inclusive campus environment by supporting the development and affirming the overall experiences of all students, particularly multicultural students. With this mission in mind, we:

•  Advise and provide leadership opportunities for 12 multicultural student organizations
•  Provide social justice education programs for the campus community
•  Affirm, advocate, and facilitate learning opportunities around intersections of identities
•  Advocate for the needs of multicultural students and support them in amplifying their voice and developing agency
•  Honor, celebrate, and validate the experiences and cultures of multicultural students within the larger campus community
•  Challenge all students to fully examine issues of equity, oppression, and privilege
•  Foster a safe community of care for multicultural students


Core Values:

• Advocacy
We are vocal supporters of the needs of multicultural students.  We seek to remove barriers and pursue systemic change that makes it possible for them to thrive.

• Authenticity
We value and seek to create a welcoming space where all people can exist as their most authentic selves.

• Community
  We value the importance of relationships that are reflective of a sense of family and belonging.

• Social Justice
  We value social justice as both a process and a goal toward a vision for society that is equitable and where all people are physically and psychologically safe and secure.

• Fortitude
  We pursue the process and goal of social justice with perseverance and unwavering commitment.

• Zest
  We value the optimism of our team in our work together.  This palpable energy makes the heavy work of social justice and the slow pace of change manageable.

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