Rite of Sankofa

The Rite of Sankofa is an African rite-of-passage ceremony that takes place every May. It is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students graduating in May, August, or December.  The word Sankofa is of West African origin and translates in English to “go back and take,” symbolizing the importance of learning from the past. A main component of this event is to provide students the opportunity to reflect and gather the best of what their past has taught them in order to achieve their full potential as they move forward to begin a new chapter in life.  The ceremony honors not only the graduates, but also those that helped them to get where they are today.  This includes families, mentors, faculty, staff, fellow students, and friends.


For more information on Rite of Sankofa Graduation Celebration contact Tiffany R. Smith at tiffanyrsmith@uga.edu


Attn: Class of 2018
Save the Date - Rite of Sankofa Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30 pm


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2018 Rite of Sankofa Photos

2018 Rite of Sankofa Program Video