Student at Graduation.

Hispanic Student Association to host Affirming Latintx Achievements and Successes graduation ceremony this Spring.

The Affirming Latinx Achievements and Successes (ALAS) is a graduation ceremony hosted by the Hispanic Student Association at the University of Georgia. Highlighting the importance of family in Hispanic culture, known as familismo, a memorable feature of this ceremony is when family members place stoles on their graduates.

Before the ceremony, the Latino Alumni Council will host a networking event for students to connect with professionals and grow their community. This annual opportunity empowers students to find a mentor in their field who shares a similar identity and values. 

The ceremony will include speeches from President Jere W. Morehead, student speakers and a keynote speaker. The keynote speaker for the 2023 spring ceremony will be Judge Ana María Martinez. Martinez is an alumna of the University of Georgia. She currently serves in the State Court of Dekalb County.

After the ceremony, students, their families, and their peers will enjoy lunch together. Stephany Romero-Gomez, the president of the Hispanic Student Association, expressed that the atmosphere of the ceremony is celebratory and community-focused. 

ALAS offers limited tickets per graduate, but the ceremony will also be livestreamed for those who cannot attend. 

The interest form for the ALAS ceremony will be disseminated through the Hispanic Student Association’s social media channels and weekly newsletter.